Friday, March 29, 2013


Hello Everyone!

I'm sitting on my couch now in my room, recovering from last nights festivities. We went to the club Underbar with my friends. We had a great time and I really enjoyed myself. No drama or anything. It was a lot of fun. I woke up at Zuzanna's and then we just chilled, and went and bought some hangover food = french fries and garlic sauce. Now i'm waiting for pizza to come, and then after we eat i'm going to finish the last of my CAS and get it sent away! We are celebrating Easter with my cousins tomorrow so hopefully I will get some pictures out of the experience!

Have a great night everyone!

xoxo, Jenn

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

sorry, put the blame on me

Hi everyone!

Sorry, i know i have been terrible at updating. Yes, i have had a lot to do in school but that is no excuse for me not typing up something quick! Right now i'm sitting in front if the tv with all my books and papers and little sister, but as you can tell i am procrastinating from writing my CAS, due on Friday. It's easy to type up so it can be done infront of the tv but my computer and the internet is very distracting.
Right now my sister and I are waiting for Hollywood Heights to start, and i can wait. It's my obsession!
Anyways, here are some pics from me procrastinating right now! :)

xoxo, Jenn

spring nails

My big IB brain.... NOT

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm Back!

Hey Everyone!

So everything as finally died down, involving school and i'm finally finding some time for my blog again. We've had out mock exams these past two week and now I only have one left... on Monday! I'm off tomorrow and i'm spending the morning with my cousin Emilia at an indoor water park, and then meeting the girls at the gym! Then I will be free the rest of the night! This weekend i'm not doing anything special... maybe a girls-night! I can't go out to the clubs, because i'm on penicillin now because of an inflammation in my cheek from my wisdom teeth... :(

Right now i'm going to end my day by taking a nice relaxing bubble bath while I catch up on the Hollywood Heights episode I missed! I hope you all have a great night!

xoxo, Jenn

Thursday, March 7, 2013

heart attack

"You make me glow..
But I cover up won't let it show,
So I'm, putting my defenses up
Cause I don't wanna fall in love..
If I ever did that,
I think i'd have a heart attack..."