Friday, November 30, 2012


Hey dolls!

So , it's finally Friday, thank god! I could not have waited any longer!! So today after school, Amilia, Zuzanna and I went into town to buy some things for tomorrow night. We met Jess my sister there and found that her iPhone got stolen... again. So I helped her take care of some business involving that and then went on with my shopping trip, she tagged along though!
The girls and I are having a little girls night tomorrow before we hit the nightlife, and i'm coloring my hair, and all that before we go out! Then we are going to order some pizza, make some drinks, and head into town! We managed to get free entrance and tickets to two of the hottest clubs in town, SCORE ;) Can't wait!

Now i'm about to get something to eat since I didn't eat any dinner, and then probably go to bed, i'm actually really tired! In the meantime, here's my new obsession, forgot to upload it a few weeks ago. Damn can the boy sing ;)
p.s- anyone else having problems with their internet?

xoxo, Jenn

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Party Party

Hey dudes,
So i wrote a few days ago about my crazy weekend! We recently found some pictures that were taken at the club. I personally don't remember any of them being taken (hehe) but here they are.... from B&B Club Zenit facebook page!

Throwback Thursday!

Hi Guys!

So, today is Thursday! One of the longest days I have in school. Thank you god that I don't have economics, otherwise I would be in school until  5 pm! Poor little Zuz and the boys who all have it! Anyways, it's so cold here in Sweden! I know that the northern cities got some snow from some crazy storms, but I live almost at the very south of Sweden so if were lucky, we will eventually get some heavy snow. I was just out with my dog and it was like flurrying.. very very little though!

Since the new biggest thing is #throwbackthursday or #tbt I thought i'd throw up some oldie pictures for you guys! Hope you all have a great Throwback Thursday ;)

xoxo, Jenn

2011 when we celebrated mine and Simon's 17th birthday on a beach and grilled!

Summer 2010, my cousin Alexander and I

Freshman year when we went ice skating with our class!

Zuzanna and I when we hung out for the first time freshman year!

Zuzanna and I practicing for our play in acting class freshman year

Jess and I summer 2010

Me and the cake I made my mom for her birthday 2010 

Celena and I when I was in NJ summer 2011

Me and my girls 2011

Jess, my dad and I <3 summer 2011

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hi friends!

So, today was just another Tuesday down the line.. nothing new. It is how ever my good friend Lilly's birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLY! We are celebrating her this weekend ;)
Anyways, today was just a normal day with school and the usual, nothing new. I was reading that we were supposed to be getting some snow? I have no idea, so I will have to do some more research on it.
I did hear that they are getting some snow back home in New Jersey? Jealous! Anyways, i'm going to watch some scrubs and then cleaning my room, and doing some homework..

Have a good day!

xoxo, Jenn

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey guys!

So, it's safe to say that I was completely incapable of posting anything on my blog yesterday. Saturday night we celebrated Thanksgiving at my place and we were about 15 people at the actual dinner. After dinner and dessert, the grandparents took my cousins home and my uncle, aunt and mom and her boyfriend, Zuzanna, and Eva stayed and we got ready for Ricki (moms boyfriend) surprise party. It was a huge success and he had no idea. About 7 of their closest friends were here for the actual surprise.
During the party Zuz and I pre-gamed before we went out to the clubs. We had a great time with all the people over and took a few shots with my uncle and aunt. The rest of the night is pretty blurry for me, even though I do remember most of it. We did have a great time though. After we were here, Zuz and I took the bus to Lilly's house and met up with my girls, Sofie, Amilia and Lilly of course. Then we hit the club B&B. We had a great time, and danced the night away! The next day was not a good time on the other time. I spent the day in bed, and I deserved to feel the way I felt. Anyways, today is a new day and i'm about to eat some dinner and take care of some college business.
Have a great night!

xoxo, Jenn

Zuzanna, Emilia and I at the dinner table

The dorks, Jess and Eva

On our way to Lilly's, I apparently tried to steal a x-mas tree...

Mom, Me and Zuz

Mom, me and my Uncle Stefan

Mom and Uncle!

Uncle Stefan!

Zuzanna, Me , Stefan and Ricki

The girlfriends!

Sofie and I before we left!

Zuzanna and I!

Zuzanna and my baby girl Emilia

Emilia and I playing

Turkey 1

Turkey 2

Happy chef (mom) finally done with all the cooking!

Swedish "Glögg" or hot Christmas wine

Surprise party gang!


I miss being blonde, being tan, and having nails...

Friday, November 23, 2012


Hey Guys

So right now it's about 11.30pm and i'm about to jump in the shower and then go to sleep. I had a very, very short day in school today but i'm still tired. I'm a little bummed to because i'm missing a night out at the clubs with my crew tonight cause I have to work in the morning...
Tomorrow on the other hand, we going hard!!! We are celebrating thanksgiving and then let the party begin! I'm doing 3 dress changes tomorrow, and I will show you all how they look.. tomorrow.
Anyways, just wanted to stop in and say hello.

Hope you are all having a better Friday night then I am..!
xoxo, Jenn

I miss my partner in crime. <3

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm so thankful for all family and friends that I have in my life. I couldn't ask for anything better. I'm also thankful for all the opportunities I've gotten over the past years. Thank you..

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

So today, everyone in the US is celebrating the wonderful holiday thanksgiving! I am personally jealous, not only because they have a very long weekend, but because they get to spend a great night with great families and great food. Since i'm in Sweden, and no one really celebrates it here, I have to wait until  Saturday to enjoy a wonderful feast.
Our family in Sweden is just getting bigger and bigger, and we are celebrating Thanksgiving in my tiny apartment.. we will be 15 people all together, i'm not really sure how my mom has planned for all this to work, but picture proof will be present!
Zuzanna and my sisters bestie Eva are coming to celebrate with us! It's going to be really fun to show them an american tradition, not to mention my favorite holiday!
Right now, i'm about to go brush my teeth and then hop into bed and watch some tv so i get a good night sleep for tomorrow!

Have a great night!

xoxo, Jenn

(Pictures from last years thanksgiving, at my grandmas house! Didn't get as many pictures as I wanted since I had my baby cousin in my lap the whole night!)

Sister and I