Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 2- breakfast

Today I am EXTREMELY sore after my massage yesterday, but who doesn't love the feeling of knowing you did something good for you body? I just ate breakfast and I am about to go for a 30min powerwalk with Sofie before she does my hair. 
Todays breakfast
Gluten free oatmeal
Rasberries and blueberries
4 glasses of water
1 cup of black tea with 1 tsp of sugar

Day 1- dinner

Hey guys,
Sorry I forgot to post last nights dinner and work out. 

3 (gluten free) Swedish meatballs w/sauce
1 1/2 dl rice (already cooked)
1 dl spinach cooked with garlic and olive oil

My workout was 5x10 biceps with weight and then I had an hour muscle massage so I did not want to over work my muscles

See ya tomorrow!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 1

Today is Monday, and with the help of my personal trainer I am starting a "new" healthy life style. Training and dietwise. I am going back on my gluten free diet so it should be fun trying/learning new recipes. So everyday starting today I will post my meals and workouts for everyday! 
Beach 2015 here we come! 

Gluten free oatmeal
3 teaspoons unsweetened apple sauce
Sprikled on some cinnamon
4 glasses of water As soon as I woke up
Cup of black tea, 1 teaspoon sugar
1 glass of orange juice 


Day 1- lunch

So as my day goes on, I am just doing some housework. Doing laundry and other kinds of chores. Now however i've found some time for lunch. 

Ham with melted cheese on top
8 pieces of cucumber
Bowl of fat free vanilla yogurt
1 cup of green tea