Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Dinners

Me today!

My pretty girlie Emilia! <3
So today has been a slow day, and i'm just chilling! Today we had a really nice dinner at my uncles house with my adorable cousins. My grandpa came from up north (8h away) and is here to visit us for a couple days. :) It was a great time and my youngest cousin Felicia has finally warmed up to us and it was a lot of fun playing with her. And then there was of course my baby Emilia <3 Always a good time with her!

My mom, sister and two baby cousins having what us Swedes like to call  "fika" which is like "tea-time" i guess!

When we get home, this is what I find on my camera...
When I got home I watched the new episode of Awkward and did some Chemistry homework. I wasnt feeling to good so I tried to eat some toast, and drank some warm milk and it helped a little. I took a nice bubble bath and now I am laying in bed watching Life of Ryan and hoping that my stomach ache will go away so I can go to sleep and get ready for tomorrows day of school. Yay, NOT. Registered for my SAT's today as well... which equals even more studying... guess what else?!? I VOTED yayyyy! :)
Anyways, I hope you've all had a good weekend! Goodnight

xoxo, Jenn

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Party Party

Hey Guys!

So I have been really busy the past couple days and last night was the first night I was able to finally relax and do my own thing! So the day started with some school and then my girl Amilia came home with me after school to help me color my hair. I colored it like a redish brownish and i'm really happy with it! :)

After we chilled my place for a few hours we took the bus into town to Zuzanna's house! We were having a little bit of a pre party last night before we went out. Oh yeah. One huge very positive thing is that the drinking age in Sweden is 18! That mean you can go to bars, and clubs and get completely wasted! Now that is what I call a good time!

So we were by Zuzanna first and then it was me, Zuz, Amilia, Lilly, Darja, Sofie and Emelie that were there and it was so much fun! Then we met up with the boys at the club "Underbar" afterwards, and it was fun besides the fact that when I woke up the next morning I wasn't just hungover, I also had a swollen hand, bruises  cuts and extremely sore everywhere. Now thats a Blast!

So now i'm going to watch some Jersey Shore and go lay down again before I attempt to do some studying.
Hope you all have a good night! Here are some pictures from last night, 3 out of the 9893894 pictures that were taken!

xoxo, Jenn

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rainy days...

Hey Guys!

So there was nothing special today either. I'm so mentally tired these days its crazy, and i'm afraid of breaking down completely. Thinking positive though! Had a nice regular school day today, and even stayed a little later just to work on my math homework. #ibproblems. Anyways, getting ready to book my SAT's very soon, and i'm probably road trippin' it with Simon down to Malmö, to visit an international school where I will be taking the test! I'm also getting ready to vote for the first time in my life! I got my ballads home the other day from the States so i'm pretty excited to be a part of this years election!
What made my day a good day, was that I got a cute little phone call from my baby cousin Emilia who is the best! I love her so much and she is my little princess! She is honestly the only person who can get my mind off of things I don't have time to think about!
Right now i'm enjoying what the Swedes call "kladdkaka" which is pretty much a very thin and messy brownie cake. I just baked it to get my mind off things, for example Biology which should be the only thing on my mind. But this stress is killing me and I can't really concentrate on anything. Not good.

Well I hope you all have a great night!

xoxo, Jenn
Emilia <3

It is also National Sibling day so here are some of my favorite memories with my baby sister Jess. I love you Jessy! <3 My dork forever <3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fool in love

Whats up dudes!

So today, nothing really special happened. Started off with some lovely school. Had an English lesson first and we like conducted a  play kind of I guess you could say. After that I had a psychology higher level test, hopefully that went well! After we had lunch(which was not good. at all.) we had a Swedish lesson with lots of note taking and last but not least math.

I've been pretty much on edge all day so I am very happy to be home. We got a surprise visit from my uncle Stefan and my baby cousin Felicia who just learned to walk! It was so cute and seeing them really put me in a better mood! So now, i'm going to continue studying some Biology and then see where the rest of the night takes me. Its so gross outside you just wanna be inside and do absolutely nothing! Oh well!

xoxo, Jenn

Felicia's Baptism this summer. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Thought I would introduce the people I usually hang out with, and the people I will most likely mention the most on my blog. So here they are:

So, in case you didn't know I LOVE photography and take some nice pictures myself..
Here is my beautiful 14 year old (almost 15) sister Jessica from our latest photo shoot together! 
This is one of my best friends, Mathias Martini. This picture is taken my me when we went to New York together this summer! He also goes to the IB with me!
Here is my best girlfriend in Sweden, Zuzanna! She too is a fellow IB student!
This little cutie is my dear study buddy Simon Holtmo! As you might of guessed, he too is an IB student.
The little cutie on the bike is the last memember of our IB crew, the one and only Sebastian Ayers (aka Seb, Mr.Air)
Last but not least, my two best friends in the entire world, Vienna (The graduade) and Celena. These two babes live in the US still, and it is so hard being away from your best friends everyday. Love them to death.

See ya later dudes!

xoxo, Jenn


Hey Guys!

So, i'm back with another blog. This time it is dedicated to everyone in the States who are eventually thinking about studying or living abroad in the future! So basically, my name is Jennifer, but my friends call me Jenn. I'm 18 years old and finishing up my last year on the IB-program here in southern Sweden. I live with my mom, and my little sister, and we have all of my moms Swedish family here too. My dad and his family are still back home in New Jersey. I grew up there and moved here when I was 12. My dad decided to move back a few years later, so yupp that's pretty much it!
I'm really learning to addapt to the Swedish life style, but deep-down, i'll always be a Jersey girl! ;) and I plan to move back and go to college next fall. So, hope you all enjoy my blog!

xoxo, Jenn