Monday, October 27, 2014

I'm back, AGAIN

Hey Guys,

So I am back for the fiftlymillionth time. I am also back in Sweden, for a little while at least. This past weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night we just stayed home and I had a nice night with my mom and my sister. It was nice. Saturday night I went out with my friends and it was fun getting most of the crew back together. We were missing like 2 people, but hopefully we will all be back again soon.

Today i'm just hanging out at home. It's just been the usual cloudy Swedish weather since I got here. Which today was 2 weeks ago. Right now I just had a sallad for my breakfast/lunch and now i'm drinking a cup of tea and watching the hills. I'm still in the waking up late mode so that is kind of late afternoon. I'm planing on going for a nice power walk today and then either today or tomorrow, I will go on a serious job hunt. I'm tired of sitting around doing nothing even though it's been nice.

Well I will get on with my day and hopefully keep up with blogging.

xoxo, Jenn

Friday night with my little sister

Saturday Night with the crew

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