Sunday, June 21, 2015

Someone answer these questions for me

If you have friend. A friend that you no longer speak to, because of a non-approving other half. On his side. You are the one who made the choice for him when it came to choosing between friendship and love. This friend was the most prestigious and ambitious person you've ever met. Someone who worked their very hardest to get where they want to be. In school, in their career. 
Then you find out that this someone is involved with all the bad influences in life, drugs, infidelity,bad people. What do you do? This person was such a big part of your life for so many years, and after you loose contact, you find out all these thing about them. Are you at fault? Would things be different for them if you stayed in contact? Could you have helped? Now you're watching someone who meant so much to you, ruin their lives. How will it end? They are throwing all the hard work away like it's nothing. Are you still responsible, cause this person was once you best friend? You know that there is only one outcome to this kind of addiction and lifestyle. 

What do you do?

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