Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hi everyone!

So, i'm officially done with school. We "officially" in the sense where i'm done with all my exams, and all I have to do is hand in a few papers to my teacher. No work type papers or anything though! That all means that i'm going to try to keep blogging as much as I can now!
Today I have not really done anything special. I woke up pretty early to head into town and do the last fitting of my prom dress! I can't believe my prom is in 2 weeks! Anyways, I also needed to get a new pair of black, anti-slip shoes for my new job that i'm starting tomorrow! I'm only in training the first 2 days so i'll only be working for 3 hours. I'm actually really excited to start working, and for the cash to start rolling in! :)
Right now i'm sitting at my desk and drinking a cup of vanilla tea and watching some TV. Hopefully the caffeine in the tea will get rid of my headache! I just talked to my dad back in New Jersey, and I really miss him. I can't wait to see him this summer and only be a drive away!
Well folks, i'm going to iron my work clothes for tomorrow and get everything ready (even though i don't start until 4pm)

Have a great night!

xoxo, Jenn

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