Monday, January 12, 2015

How about them Cowboys

Hi guys!

Well if you didn't know, I am the worlds biggest Dallas Cowboys fan, so yesterdays game was a big bummer for me. I love Dallas and I am so happy I got to watch them go from a "not so good team last season" to an INCREDIBLE team this year. Of course all the haters come out now when Dallas lost last night, because we beat your asses earlier in the season and it's obvious that everyone felt threatened by the Cowboys this year. They were animals. It's not just the new Triplets, Romo, Bryant, and Murray that made Dallas amazing this year but every single player is great. Everyone forgets how powerful ALL the players can be (Beasly, Williams, Witten, Dunbar etc), so all I have to say to the haters is, why don't you spend some more time cheering for your own team instead of caring about when Dallas looses, clearly your teams need it. (I'm from Jersey so all you Giants fans out there who are talking shit better go help your boys out, they obviously need it)
Loosing so close to the Superbowl was heartbreaking especially since the catch by my boy Dez didn't count. But whatever. I cannot wait to see what Dallas has to bring to the table next season. I'm thinking the Superbowl is ours.
Until next time Dallas !

xoxo, Jenn

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