Thursday, February 7, 2013

Celena and me

Hey dudes!

So i've found some time to write a quick update! Today I have not done anything really special.. i started my day with math and then a psych test and after that i hit the gym with Lilly. Ran and did some strength workouts while there, and then bike rode home. 
After that i came home and watched The real housewives of Miami, my new obsession and then I went out for a drive with my mom. I havn't driven since last spring so it was great to be back behind the wheel. It's where I belong! ;)

Anyways, now i'm talking to my girl Celena and about to go out with the dog before I shower and go to bed. Have a great night and enjoy the green text! 

xoxo, Jenn

me and my cutie this summer:

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