Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hey everyone!

How are you all? I've had a week off of school and it's coming to an end which is sad.. :( I've had a really nice relaxing time, took many visits to the gym and not done any of my school work, which is a bad thing. Despite the school work, i've been very relaxed. Today is the first day I feel frustrated and almost angry, and I don't really know why. I spent the day with my baby cousins which always gets me in a good mood, but as soon as I came home I just got really angry and annoyed at everything... hmm... anyways i'm hoping it will pass, because i'm about to pack up my bike and bike ride over to my friend Lilly's house cause we are having a girls night/sleepover. It's been awhile since i've had like a real sleepover with more than one friend so i'm excited.
I also have to make some important phone calls to the United States before I leave...
I hope you all have a great night!

xoxo, Jenn
(a bunch of old picture taken with my new camera 2011 at a boat show, from the beach. We watched the boats sail home!)

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