Monday, August 18, 2014

Sunday Fundayyyyyy

Hey guys!

Right now i'm sitting in bed Writing this and listening to one of my old playlists on Spotify, right now it's Christina Aguilera - Your Body.
Anyways, had a wonderful morning, no stress. Thank god. Talked to my mom, sister and Zuzanna on Skype today too so that was nice.

Last night was Amazing. We Went out and celebrated Allie's 21st birthday by going into NYC to the restaurant TAO. It was Amazing! Great food. I ate Coconut shrimp in Spicy Peanut sauce with White rice.
The night started by us being picked up by our party bus (red carpet included) and drove into the city, after that he drove us home. Great experience and totally Worth the Money. Thanks Alfred (our driver) for Everything!

Right now i'm doing some laundry and just relaxing Before I have an early start tomorrow, which is 5 am....!

Have a great night!

(for the Swedish readers out there I have a Swedish blog:

xoxo, Jenn
Katie and I

Birthday Girl

Vienna and I

Katie and Kyle

Birthday girl and her dad

Clyde and Allie


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