Friday, August 15, 2014


Here are some Pictures of what i've been doing since I left off last... and it also fits in perfectly with #flashbackfriday!
I partied
I Went to my grandpas cabin with my cousins on the Island Limön
my hair was a Little lighter and i took endless amounds of selfies
I Went to Äventyrslandet with my cousins, sister and grandma. (it was awesome)
I had my last day at McDonalds
Beach Selfies...with cows...
Went to the festival in my Town called "Heartbeat" with my sister
Got very Close with Sofie <3
Had a great dinner/night out with my friends from work
I Went blonde
and I partied some more.....
Had a going away party
My uncle stefan!
I moved...
I arrived
My "first" American party
Played lots of basketball
Celebrated Viennas 20th bday!
Went to Atlantic City for the first time for Katies 21st birthday
Adopted my first pet, Spartacus
Bought my first car

I got an Iphone, my first selfie!

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Jess turned 16

My mom and sister came to visit for Christmas and we saw Santa.

The superbowl

Got hit with a major snowstorm!!

Had countless adventures with my girls

I lost my best friend... </3

To get away, We took our second to AC trip for Celenas 21st

I turned 20!

Since I Went to college I made some friends, this is Tyrell and Jordan! :)

I gathered a team of 30+ people to walk a 5k for MS for my dad and raised over 700 dollars for the cause. TEAM HOPE. We wore red White and blue in honor of my dad.

I saw the wendy Williams show!

Saw lots of movies

Made forever friends

Went to NYC

Seaside Trips

Went on the craziest ride of my life

so many forever friends. Miss Lauren from work

Jay (who i live with) graduated from college!

Celebrated Danas birthday!

My sister graduated 9th grade, I flew into Sweden that day to Watch her graduate
I spent my vacation with my family in Sweden

I had a reunion with my friends

I partied

Celebrated my neighbor Tobbes graduation!

and emelies

i partied some more

back in America i saw lots of fireworks

I got Close with my "foster brother" Jay


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