Friday, April 17, 2015

Back on track

Hey Everyone!

So today is Friday, and in Sweden we say it's "Fredags mys" which kind of means Friday coziness! Anyways, a lot of people are going out and partying tonight, but not me! No sir! I actually just got in from a run OUTSIDE. Big, huge, enormous difference compared to running on a treadmill. I probably ran in total about 1.5-2km. (Being outside, that is a lot for me.) I even did "light post suicides" which was literally suicide. HAHA no pun intended, or it totally was cause I have the worst possible humor on the planet.

Anyways, I worked at a new daycare today which literally was in the middle of the woods, and took about 45 to get there by bus. I liked the place, not the getting there. A lot of the kids had English as their first language so that made everything 100 times better.

Right now i'm about to whip up a nice smoothie for Jess and I before I shower and start relaxing for the night. I started my new Thyroid medicine today (I have an under active thyroid) and I can already feel a difference when it comes to my energy level which is AWESOME.

I hope you all have a great night.
                        xoxo, Jenn

p.s, my favorite song to run/work out too. Who doesn't love themselves some MGK <3

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