Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scones and Pizza

Hey everyone!

How are you all today? I'm good, I have had a nice relaxing morning and i'm debating if I should eat some left over pizza or bake some fresh scones. I think i'm leaning toward the pizza just cause it's less work and i'm lazy today.
Yesterday was fun! My uncle and my cousins came over and we went sleigh riding (round two) on much much smaller hill, so I managed to make it down a few times. Then we ordered pizza and just had a really cozy time!
After they went home, Zuzanna picked me up and we went to her house and watched one tree hill! I love that show! <3 Anyways, now i'm sitting with my sister and i'm actually going to make some scones! Then it's homework and studying for me! Hope you all have a great day! (and for those of you reading this from Sweden, STAY WARM!)

xoxo, Jenn

Sissy and I a few summers ago as blondies!

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