Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Sorry that i've been M.I.A the past couple days but i'm tired and I have a cold. My new years was a lot of fun! Amilia and Lilly came over and we made a really good dinner, and then we went to Club Moon. We met a bunch of people we know there so it was great celebrating the new year with everyone. Unfortunately I woke up with a allergic reaction around my neck from the necklace I had worn that night, so i've been in pain and it has itched so bad!
Yesterday the family came over to celebrate my little sisters birthday, who turned 15. Happy Birthday Baby Sis <3 We ate food and then cake. After that I watched the movie killers and then went to sleep. I slept really bad though and kept having creepy dreams so I didn't get that much sleep!

I hope you all had a great New Years!!

xoxo, Jenn

My beautiful sister! <3

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