Friday, November 30, 2012


Hey dolls!

So , it's finally Friday, thank god! I could not have waited any longer!! So today after school, Amilia, Zuzanna and I went into town to buy some things for tomorrow night. We met Jess my sister there and found that her iPhone got stolen... again. So I helped her take care of some business involving that and then went on with my shopping trip, she tagged along though!
The girls and I are having a little girls night tomorrow before we hit the nightlife, and i'm coloring my hair, and all that before we go out! Then we are going to order some pizza, make some drinks, and head into town! We managed to get free entrance and tickets to two of the hottest clubs in town, SCORE ;) Can't wait!

Now i'm about to get something to eat since I didn't eat any dinner, and then probably go to bed, i'm actually really tired! In the meantime, here's my new obsession, forgot to upload it a few weeks ago. Damn can the boy sing ;)
p.s- anyone else having problems with their internet?

xoxo, Jenn

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