Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

So today, everyone in the US is celebrating the wonderful holiday thanksgiving! I am personally jealous, not only because they have a very long weekend, but because they get to spend a great night with great families and great food. Since i'm in Sweden, and no one really celebrates it here, I have to wait until  Saturday to enjoy a wonderful feast.
Our family in Sweden is just getting bigger and bigger, and we are celebrating Thanksgiving in my tiny apartment.. we will be 15 people all together, i'm not really sure how my mom has planned for all this to work, but picture proof will be present!
Zuzanna and my sisters bestie Eva are coming to celebrate with us! It's going to be really fun to show them an american tradition, not to mention my favorite holiday!
Right now, i'm about to go brush my teeth and then hop into bed and watch some tv so i get a good night sleep for tomorrow!

Have a great night!

xoxo, Jenn

(Pictures from last years thanksgiving, at my grandmas house! Didn't get as many pictures as I wanted since I had my baby cousin in my lap the whole night!)

Sister and I

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