Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Month!

Hi Guys!

Happy Halloween!

A day late I know, but I was busy celebrating Halloween with my 3 year old baby cousin Emilia. Since we are in Sweden, Halloween is not that popular. Just like a lot of "adultish parties" were there is alcohol involved. A few years ago when I first moved here, we had a Halloween party for my class and my sisters class, and it was a lot of fun. This year, I got to teach my cousin a real American tradition!

I taught her the English words "Halloween, Trick-or-treat" and so on. We went into town to find some pumpkins, but they were way to big. So, instead we went into a grocery store and found some in all sizes! Emilia got to pick what ever one she wanted, she picked a big one for me, a smaller one for my sister, and an even smaller one for herself. So, I was left to carry them all home plus some other things. We took the bus home, and then we started to make some sugar cookie dough since we were making some Halloween cookies. We dyed the dough green and she loved it. We also carved the pumpkins which was something she had never done before, so that was actually a really cool experience for me!
We ended the night by baking some cookies (that got burnt) and went trick-or-treating. Her parents managed to get an adorable costume for her!
We didn't get that much candy though since its not so big here in Sweden... and my grandma provided most of the candy for us!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! 

xoxo, Jenn
A little skeptical, first time she was looking inside of a pumpkin!

Time to open the big pumpkin!

Slime seeds!

Her own jack-o-lantern design!


pumpkin seeds!

green Halloween cookies!

A spooky little witch!

Our finished jack-o-lanterns! 

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