Thursday, November 29, 2012

Throwback Thursday!

Hi Guys!

So, today is Thursday! One of the longest days I have in school. Thank you god that I don't have economics, otherwise I would be in school until  5 pm! Poor little Zuz and the boys who all have it! Anyways, it's so cold here in Sweden! I know that the northern cities got some snow from some crazy storms, but I live almost at the very south of Sweden so if were lucky, we will eventually get some heavy snow. I was just out with my dog and it was like flurrying.. very very little though!

Since the new biggest thing is #throwbackthursday or #tbt I thought i'd throw up some oldie pictures for you guys! Hope you all have a great Throwback Thursday ;)

xoxo, Jenn

2011 when we celebrated mine and Simon's 17th birthday on a beach and grilled!

Summer 2010, my cousin Alexander and I

Freshman year when we went ice skating with our class!

Zuzanna and I when we hung out for the first time freshman year!

Zuzanna and I practicing for our play in acting class freshman year

Jess and I summer 2010

Me and the cake I made my mom for her birthday 2010 

Celena and I when I was in NJ summer 2011

Me and my girls 2011

Jess, my dad and I <3 summer 2011

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