Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hi dolls!

How was your weekend? Mine was good buy kinda weird. Last night we had a great girls nice where we got ready before we went out! We ordered pizza did our hair and make up, and we were all bartenders. Once we got to the clubs there was just a lot of drama, and everyone was fighting so it got kind of scary, it was over all a good night I guess.

It snowed here yesterday night too and it was so cozy! Today we baked ginger bread cookies with my moms boyfriend and his kids! That was fun and its finally starting to feel like Christmas. I'm so happy I wasn't hung over today, I was just really tired cause I went to bed at 4 am.

Now I just took a bubble bath, watching some Life of Ryan and then i'm getting to bed and getting ready for another day back at school!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

xoxo, Jenn
heres some pics from last night! more to come...

the girls and I "pre-gaming at our best"

Miss Zuzanna!

My look of the night!

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