Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Extended essay

Hi Guys!

So right now I am sitting in the towns main library and i'm studying. Well not now obviously, but I have been since about 5pm and it is now 7:48pm. I'm waiting for my mom to come pick me up so I don't have to take the buss home and walk around in this freezing weather. I have some nice company here though, Miss Zuzanna. She's studying some history now...
Yupp, so nothing really happened today that was exciting. I've just had a normal day at school and now i'm writing my extended essay that is due on Friday. Well like I said, I WAS writing. It's time for me to pack up all my shit now cause my mom will be here at about 8 so I should get going with that. Here are some pictures Zuzanna and I took while sitting here. Hope you all are having a better night then me!

xoxo, Jenn

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