Friday, October 12, 2012

Me Myself and I

                                                 Hey Guys!
Lilly, Sofie, Amilia(Lady Gaga) Zuzanna, and Me <3
Lilly (Katy Perry) Me(Snooki)
Sofie(Mike Tyson)
Sorry it's been so long since I updated but this past weekend/week I've been dedicating to myself. So besides having a "me" week I've also been hurting myself a lot. Monday, I banged my hip into the kitchen table corner so I have a nice bruise. Tuesday I hit my nose on accident and got a bloody nose. Wednesday I got elbowed in the face twice, 1st time cracking my lip open, second time I bit my tongue  and yes there was a lot of blood involved. Thursday I got a shot and hit hurts really bad today. Today Friday, Seb punched me in the arm where I got my shot. THANKS SEB! ;*<3
My favorite picture,  Lilly with her Katy Perry cupcakes and Zuzanna and me!
On Wednesday there was something called a "studentfest" which is when all the seniors get to go out to club and there is a costume theme every time. We all get wasted off our asses and have a blast. The first party was on Wednesday and the theme was "celebrity" and I was Snooki from Jersey Shore! It was a lot of fun, and a little dangerous due to the amounts of people (hence the reason I got socked in the face so many time) and there was a few people trying to start fights and it was a bad time, but we controlled the situation and didn't let them ruin our night ;)
Right now i'm baking Red Velvet cookies and so far, they look amazing! Tonight i'm staying in and having a cozy night with my mom since my sister is sleeping over at her friends house. I should probably clean my room too...
Hope you all have a good Friday night!

xoxo, Jenn

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