Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wings of the Dove

Hey Guys!

Today has been pretty interesting. So today was just a normal school day pretty much. Started with psychology and then Swedish, math and TOK. TOK was boring as usual and before I went home I sat and studies some math at this after school math thing with my math teacher and some extra help before my math test tomorrow! Now I just have to study some words.
After school, around 4, my mom came and got me and we drove into town and I had an eye exam. Got my eyes checked and then looked at some new frames for my glasses. Picked out a really cute pair from Hugo Boss! Zuzanna met up with us there and then we went to pick up my iPhone that is finally fixed! I'm a little bummed that they didn't upgrade me to the iPhone 4 and my sister is getting it since her iPhone 3s got stolen. NOT FAIR :(
Oh well, so when we get home Jess tells us that there was this white bird chilling outside our window the whole afternoon and then a few minutes later my mom comes walking in with a white dove on her hand. It was marked and tamed and all my it wanted was to sit and sleep on my moms hand. We gave it some food and water and then my mom called the police and they told us to bring it in and give it to them. We had no cage so we put the precious little thing into a laundry basket and drove it to the police station! Hopefully they can find its home and it's in good hands!
Now i'm going to do the rest of my homework and then sleep! Nighty night!

xoxo, Jenn

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