Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Morning

Good morning! 
Or should I say good afternoon? It's almost 1pm and I'm up and ready to get my day started. I woke up around 11 this morning and just been chilling out ever since. I have no special plans today...but to clean and study! I'm starting off by cleaning my room, (good) dusting, and vacuuming, changing sheet, and all that nonsense. After that i'll probably take a shower and get studying. It's a dreary  stormy day here in Sweden today so I don't know if i'll be taking a run or not since it's practically a hurricane out! I'll have to see what Jess says if she's up to run with me. 
Tomorrow is a big day, and i'll be gone most of the day since we are doing the concert Star For Life again, with the people from Africa. We did last year and it was an amazing experience and something i'm looking forward to doing again. Not only is it for a good cause (AIDS) but it is also so much fun! I'm really happy we are singing Circle of Life this time! Haha..
Anyways hope you all have a wonderful day!
Here are some picture from Star For Life last year.

xoxo, Jenn
My teacher took this during the concert

The famous Swedish singer Molly Sanden (glitter dress) was also apart of the show!


And while waiting for the show to begin....

we had some fun... don't mess with the blondes (yes I was once a blonde)

the were lots of these ....

and some nice ones :)

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