Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday night lights


How are you all? How was your weekend? Mine was good. Last night we spontaneously decided to out to clubs, so we got the crew together and hit the town! We had a really good night and I'm happy we decided to go out. It was Zuzanna, Amilia, Sofie me and Matilda! I wore heels, and that's something I regretted on the way home...

Today was a nice relaxing Sunday. Woke up late since I was pretty tired from last night, and then around 3.30ish we went to my grandmas house for Sunday dinner with the cousins. So cozy! Right now i'm watching How I met you Mother, and then going to study some biology since I have test tomorrow. I can't wait till Thursday which is the last day of school. It's going to be so nice with a little break from the madness!
Here's some wild pictures from last night!

xoxo, Jenn

Matilda and I before we left!

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Amilia, Sofie, Zuzanna and I ,bathroom pic at the club!


Goofing off a little before we left!

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